Understanding the role of digital transformation in the logistics industry, many countries around the world, including Vietnam, began to pay more attention to building the models of E-Logistics, green logistics, E-Documents, etc. As a result, many modern technology services, notably the services of locating and retrieving information, shipping schedule of goods and containers, have been released in the Vietnam freight and logistics market. Currently, most of the services merely meet the basic needs but they do not offer other outstanding features.

According to a report published by Vietnam Automobile Transportation Association  (VATA), the development of Industrial Revolution 4.0 was one of the five factors that directly affected the business operation of Vietnamese logistics enterprises. In particular, in recent years, the factor making the most profound impact has been the digital transformation trend taken place around the world.

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Source: Vietnam report

In fact, Vietnam jumped 25 spots in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2018, and all metrics significantly increased. This achievement came from the efforts to simplify customs procedures, upgrade the infrastructure system, and especially apply information technology.


Source: Vietnam report

Foreseeing that trend, the logistics services integrated with technological innovation have increasingly offered in the Vietnam freight and logistics market. As compared to others, services providing the ability to track and trace cargo and container ship have attracted much attention from manufacturers, export and import businesses, forwarders, and logistics enterprises. However, the services available on the market only meet the basic needs of the ability to track and check cargo and container during the transport process, but ignoring other valuable features. 

Specifically, all services provide a shipping schedule of cargo and container, but it is impossible to provide the start to end location, the specific time as well as the activity that occurs during the transportation process. Thus, these services have not yet optimized their ability to help the users feel secure about their cargo and container in the voyage.

In addition, almost services retrieve information, shipping schedule displayed in text and figure, which makes the interfaces confusing and complex. Consequently, users have to spend more time and effort on searching and updating information.

At the same time, the installation of services still faces with many difficulties due to the limited ability to link and synchronize complex data with shipping lines, logistics companies, forwarders, manufacturers, and import and export businesses.

On the contrary, there is a tracking and tracing service that stands out from the crowd thanks to its preeminent features, TRACKING - CARGO. Unlike other services, TRACKING - CARGO provides detailed information, shipping schedule of cargo and container, including the start to end location and time, and the specific activities. Besides, thanks to navigation satellite technology developed in Australia, TRACKING - CARGO allows users to get real-time images of cargo and container on the voyage on the digital world map, maximizing the peace of mind and visibility of users. Images simultaneously help the interface become simple and eye-catching, so the time and effort to search and update cargo and container’s information is convenient, fast and accurate.


Applying TRACKING - CARGO to the operational process, logistics companies, forwarders, manufacturers, and import and export enterprises can obtain benefits such as easily tracking and tracing cargo and container through the real-time images on the digital world map, and quickly grasp and approach new technology trends in the logistics industry around the world. For logistics service providers and forwarders, TRACKING - CARGO supports automating the customer care service, so they can save time and wage cost, and gain sustainable competitive advantage over other competitors by difference.

TRACKING - CARGO is currently distributed by BOM Software. Experience now at the website: or contact us for support.

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