Tracking - Cargo – Should do logistics businesses modernize customer care services ?

The need to improve customer experience is increasingly high, especially in digital transformation trends. So whether or not transport businesses move from traditional systems to modernizing customer care services.

According to the Vietnam Logistics Association, the growth rate of the logistics industry in Vietnam in recent years has reached about 14% - 16%, with a scale of about 40-42 billion USD/year and to be considered as a potential country in the logistics industry. However, Vietnamese businesses cannot compete with foreign competitors. Why? Customer service is on of those influencing facts.

Customer care service in any company or filed is also very important if you want to confirm its position in the market. According to many statistics, the rate of customers returning to buy products or services depends on why the supplier always guarantees all their benefits and meets their desires during and after use.

For the logistics industry, customer care services are appreciated not only in the supply chain, instant transportation but also in customer experience during the delivery and receipt of goods, it also depends on the updating shipment information of digital platforms. 

Hình custom

Source: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. 2019. Research on Supply Chain Priorities and Investments Focusing on Customer Experience

According to a survey of 2000 people in 2019, 20% of participants found that the most frustrating experience they encountered related to the logistics supply chain was delay or delivery times too long, 18% of customers are not satisfied because employees do not understand their needs properly, the other 18% have problems and questions cannot be solved in time.

Digital transformation is an indispensable trend to help businesses widen the gap with other competitors. This transition comes from the actual need to improve the customer service experience in the logistics supply chain and it is also a change for mandatory development that takes place when technology is increasingly applied wide across many fields.

Because of ongoing problems in the logistics industry and the advancement of science and technology, to contribute promoting Vietnam’s logistics industry to compete with the world logistics market with the current customer care system platform. By technology, instead of the traditional way, Tracking - Cargo service is first introduced in Vietnam.

With a result returned with real-time images of the container on the world digital map with the specific schedule of the shipment, Tracking - Cargo responds to the customer’s visible need during delivery and receiving cargo. It also helps forwarders take care of their customers automatically by 24/7 technology, this will help to improve customer experience.

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