Currently, when the Vietnam logistics market is increasingly bustling due to lucrative opportunities coming from Commercial Treaties, the competition between forwarders has become fiercer than ever. So how can they stand out among the hundreds of mushrooming businesses?

According to statistics of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), service attitude, professional qualification, and especially the processing time of customer care service is one of the prerequisites when businesses make a decision to choose their own forwarders.

In fact, forwarders have been doing very well in improving the service attitude and professional level of their staffs. However, the issue of time is always a conundrum that causes all forwarders headaches.

Nowadays, customer service in forwarding companies is overloaded when receiving hundreds of cases that need to be solved every day. Contrary to that huge workload is the limited number of employees, which makes the processing time increasingly delayed and stagnant, and as a result, forwarders lose points in the eye of customers. In addition, the working hour of the customer service department is limited according to the work schedule while the need to track and trace the shipping schedule of goods and containers is unlimited, regardless of day or night.

Therefore, to minimize the above situation, an optimal solution for forwarders is to apply technologies such as automatically locating and retrieving goods and containers into their customer service. As a result, forwarders can save time and wage cost for simple questions about delivery, receipt, and shipping and focus their resources on solving more complex cases.

Understanding that, TRACKING – CARGO, a service of tracking and tracing goods and containers with the most advanced satellite navigation technology coming from Australia is developed in order to meet the need to update information and follow up the shipping schedule of goods and containers anytime and anywhere. When using TRACKING – CARGO, forwarders can easily save time and optimize customer care thanks to the ability to directly track and trace goods and containers on the voyage without contacting transporters.

Applying TRACKING – CARGO to the customer care system, forwarders both reduce the pressure on the customer service department and proactively respond to customer needs. Since then, TRACKING – CARGO has been regarded as a companion to help forwarders sustainably develop in the fiercely competitive logistics market.

TRACKING – CARGO is currently distributed by BOM Software. Experience now at the website: or contact us for support.



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