In the context of the digital economy and deepening international integration, the problem of developing logistics services in Vietnam is always in a state of urgency when there are too many aspects that need to be upgraded and changed. However, in the past years, there has been no sign of a comprehensive change.

The logistics industry is generally a combination of four groups including Logistics Infrastructure, Logistics Operations, Logistics Services, and Logistics Consulting. It represents 4 equivalent groups of objects to serve a shipment and container including port managers, warehouse suppliers, etc.; carriers; forwarders; consulting and service companies; and the end-users sending and receiving goods.

In general, all objects play a very significant role in logistics - forwarding - transporting, especially logistics service enterprises. With the goal of reducing transportation costs, increasing service quality to satisfy customers' wants and demands, these businesses act as intermediaries to connect with logistics infrastructure managers, carriers, etc. so they have to participate in many stages of operation.

The capacity of logistics service providers is reflected in the capacity of processes, human resources and technologies applied. However, currently, Vietnam logistics service enterprises have not properly and sufficiently invested in their technological capacity despite the strong trend of the digital economy and digital transformation of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

In addition to technology investment in management and operation, logistics businesses need to invest more in customer care service since this is the key point that customers feel, see and satisfy. One of the biggest concerns of customers is the ability to see and inspect outgoing goods. In fact, the current logistics businesses have only met customer requirements through customer service, but they do not allow customers to proactively capture information.

Boldly applying the achievements of the 4.0 technology revolution to digital transformation is an important first step to compete in the industry when the world becomes flat. For that reason, one of the services that change the information technology system of logistics enterprises today is TRACKING-CARGO.

By satellite navigation technology that allows users to check and track the shipping schedule of goods and containers 24/7 through their real-time images right on the voyage, TRACKING-CARGO helps logistics businesses to proactively update information anytime, anywhere. In addition, TRACKING-CARGO automates the customer care service of the business by applying technology, helping to save time and wage cost. Hence, the service improves the customer experience and enhances the value of the business.

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