According to the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in March 2021, the country’s total value of goods export reached 29,65 billion USD, increased to 46,8% as compared to the previous month. Onwing to that export value, it is proved that Vietnamese logistics businesses have more and more opportunities to gain international commercial and contracts worth about millions of dollars.

Despite such a lucrative opportunity, there are many difficulties and challenges for manufacturers, and import-export enterprises in Vietnam. The rapid increase in logistics costs and the shortage of ships and containers is one of the reasons that the transit time lasts from 40 days to 60 days because it can not book ships and containers, and control the shipping route. The longer transit time is also the reason why enterprises are unable to plan new production or prepare personnel to load and unload goods when they do not know the schedule of goods.

Once goods are cleared, manufacturing, and import and export enterprises are always concerned about the problem of transportation, the schedule of the ship and containers since the delivery time is long and the routing process, transit, storage, etc. difficult to track and trace. Checking the schedule and roadmap of goods and containers seems to be a daily task, but many exporters and manufacturers have trouble when they try to get this information through the customer care service of logistics enterprises and forwarders whose working time is limited and switchboard is often busy.

Therefore, in order to proactively update the schedule and route of goods and containers during the transportation process, manufacturers, and import-export enterprises need to equip themselves with a system to track and trace the shipping schedules of goods and containers, for example, TRACKING - CARGO.

TRACKING - CARGO, using satellite navigation technology, is a service to track and trace the schedules of goods and containers of many shipping lines. TRACKING -  CARGO offers goods and containers' real-time location shown through images on a digital world map, allowing users to know the actual location of goods and containers, updating routes and events such as loading and unloading, transit, arrival time, etc. of the actual shipment. TRACKING - CARGO helps manufacturers and exporters to be proactive in collecting information, managing workflow without depending on the customer service of forwarders and logistics businesses. 

TRACKING – CARGO is currently distributed by BOM Software. Experience now at the website: or contact us for support.



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